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Protierras - resolution of conflicts of land and natural resources

Antioquia - Chocó

    2,369 people.
    3 years and 6 months
Portada programa

Environment, Conflict Resolution, Land

Created the resolution of territorial conflicts, thanks to which we established four centers of mediation in municipalities that had historically shown high levels of violence. Fix 189 conflicts which benefitted to 182 persons (126 men and 56 women).

Others of the results obtained:

greater ability to resolve land disputes for 2,369 people.

272 households obtained property rights of which, 1,058 were by women heads of household.

66 community councils established territorial planning and forest management plans.

Is regularized 70.400 hectares of two territories groups from communities black.

Preservation of strategic ecosystems through the sale of 70,000 certificates of carbon credits.

137 new women leaders in charges executives and management inside the tips of them communities local Afro-Colombian.

Public accountability and transparency in the planning and management of the territory.

Formalization of 455 property rights of rural families in the municipality of Afro-Colombian Unguía.