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More than 93% of our programs are led by those who are part of the communities in which they work, as they are the ones who know their culture, weaknesses, strengths, needs and language. All members of Mercy Corps are characterized by their passion to generate changes that positively impact the world, are energetic, creative, good colleagues, have brilliant ideas, and fight against poverty and injustice.

Perfil Provash Budden
  • Country Director
  • Provash Budden
Perfil Rosario del Río
  • Program Director
    With Peace Learn More
  • Rosario del Río
Perfil Hugo Gómez<
  • Land Manager
  • Hugo Gómez
Perfil María Fernanda Cruz
  • Manager of Women and Children
  • María Fernanda Cruz
Perfil Isabel Cara Martín
  • New Manager
    Initiatives and Conflict
  • Isabel Cara Martín
Perfil Ana María Olarte
  • Communications Specialist
  • Ana María Olarte
Perfil Pendiente
  • Manager of Monitoring
    and Evaluation
  • Ana Maria Florez
Perfil Fernando Unzueta
  • Finance manager
  • Fernando Unzueta
Perfil Maria Cristina Moreno
  • Operations Manager
  • Maria Cristina Moreno