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With Peace Learn More

Putumayo - Chocó

    Canadá - APC-Colombia
    Girls, Boys and Youth from Choco and Putumayo
    4 years
Portada programa

Education, Protection

48,000 children and youngsters (APM) of the Chocó and Putumayo have become a target for the consequences of the armed conflict and that's why Mercy Corps along with War Child and the Government of Canada decided to join their efforts and give life to the program "With peace learn more". The program has a huge influence in the ongoing process of peace in the country, aims to influir State and thus broaden the scope of intervention of protection and education in areas affected by the armed conflicto and with low institutional presence. This project aims through quality education and the promotion of comprehensive protection in school (such as protective environment), gender, and ethnic-based than the APM of the region to build a violence-free future. With peace learn more has with strategies as "PaZatardes": spaces created to cover the time free of them APM with content and activities enriching and thus decrease its percentage of risk and vulnerability. On the other hand, are given training to 1,200 teachers and directors of 59 schools and 29 interned, strengthening their processes of planning and organization of classes through sequential guides, by installing skills lasting time generation after generation. Perform accompaniment to their plans of education, in them projects educational institutional, community, of improving institutional and their plans of management of risk and coexistence. The goal with 10,000 parents, mothers or caregivers is train them in patterns of care and protection for with their children and thus influence positively the circle of protection and education. Finally, is necessary to highlight the interest of strengthen the response of the needs of education and protection of them APM with them institutions public level municipal, departmental and national. Transfer methodologies, materials and differentials that remain in the territories and contribute to public policies, models etnoeducativos and strategies of boarding schools in Chocó and Putumayo for the Ministry of education and the ICBF in the framework of the construction of territorial peace.